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Brennpunkt: Magazin für Fotografie

02/2022, p. 39

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Almut Ilsen »StilleLeben«


Almut Ilsen discovered scanning for herself in 2017. Since then, she has been experimenting with an A4 flatbed scanner. The limited support surface, the visibility of the objects only approx. 2-3 cm deep and working in the dark are always an interesting challenge. The results are pictures with an enormous depth of field and luminosity, they seem like a hybrid of photography and painting.

She has given her new exhibition the title "StilleLeben" - dead plants, silent plants, nothing loud - but silently radiant. In this exhibition, she shows spring blossoms and baroque-looking fruit still lifes, but also dried plants with their interesting structures. Among the spring plants, Italian poppies, the diva among poppies, but also tulips, ranunculus and peonies. Against this bustling life, she sets structures - withered plants, roots and macroscopic structures in their surreal beauty.

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