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Brennpunkt: Magazin für Fotografie

01/2018, p. 53

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Almut Ilsen »fragil.frugal«

Almut Ilsen's photographic vita begins in her youth with analog b/w photography and darkroom work and continues through digital color photography to scanography, which she discovered in February 2017. In her exhibition of various scanographies, Almut Ilsen shows fragile flowers and frugal edibles under the title "fragil.frugal", whereby the Janus word frugal can be understood both in its meaning of sparse and meager as well as opulent.

In Almut Ilsen's works, colors play an important role alongside structures. Her goal is to create aesthetic image compositions through the interplay of shapes, contrast and color, and to create independent works from often small details. In scanography, the enormous depth of field and the 3D impression are particularly fascinating. Limiting conditions such as the scanner's support surface, the ability to image objects only about 2 cm deep, and working in the dark – responsible for the rich black background - also allow the artist to experiment in a variety of ways.

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